Terms of use

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  • March 22, 2015
Terms of use

This user’s agreement (from hereon “The Agreement”) outlines the conditions of the user’s materials and services usage on the www.Regiconia.com/ro/fr/de/it/es (from hereon “the Platform”).

Upon receiving access to the Platform materials and services, the User is considered to be included in the present Agreement (i.e. the user is familiar and agrees with all the conditions of the present Agreement without any limits and qualifications).

1. The agreement Subject
According to Present Agreement REGICONIA INTERNATIONAL SRL (from hereon “Regiconia”), as the Platform administrator provides the corresponding individual or a juridical entity (further – the User), that has registered itself on the Platform, with the right to:

  • Post the information, including photos, videos, images, texts and other materials (further – the Information) in the following sections: Profile, Account settings and Products
  • To use the unique domain name as “Regiconia.com/ro/fr/de/it/es/COMPANY NAME/PRODUCT NAME ”
  • To create a mini-website that will contain the information about the company and the User’s offered products.
  • To use other services of the Platform.

2. The conditions of posting and usage of the Information
When posting the information on the Platform, the User confirms the presence of the needed copyright and on this basis he grants REGICONIA with the non-exceptional (with the right to give sub licenses), termless, irrevocable, and without a need to pay for a copyright, license for the usage and publication of the information posted on the Platform by him. Along with this, such Information may include different objects of the copyright: products databases, trademarks, brand names and also other objects on which the User has incorporeal rights on the corresponding territory.

REGICONIA has a right to process and display the provided Information on its pages, including its structuring, editing, integration, division, rearrangement, translation of the text part to other languages, other operations, including the advertisement.

According to the non-exceptional license provided by the user, REGICONIA has the right to perform the advertising of the products, posted on the Platform in any manner it chooses including: processing of the given Content, including its structuring, editing, integration, separation, rearrangement, and other operations, including the translation of the Content text part to other languages.

The user does not have the right to post the information that in any way violates the rights of third parties, including the incorporeal right as well as the copyright, trademark right, invention right, industrial specimen, property rights, etc.

In the event a third party informs Regiconia about an incorporeal right violation of the legal owner’s copyright, Regiconia reserves the right to delete the disputable information at will.

3. REGICONIA rights and obligations
REGICONIA has the right to post the information from any accounts, as well as the information about the Users and their products on the Platform. This information is used by Regiconia for the purpose of making the services more useful and convenient for all users of the Platform.

At any time REGICONIA has the right to require the User to submit documentation confirming the data the User presented at the time of registration on the Platform.

REGICONIA has the sole right to change, block usage of, or cease the operating of the Platform or the services given within without any obligations towards the User, and to delete (temporarily or permanently) the data presented by the User.

All the information (data, text, photos, videos, graphics and other materials) posted on the Platform are protected by the Intellectual property law and the corresponding Romania and International laws.

The User may use his own information published on Regiconia websites as he wants.

Regiconia does not assume any responsibility as to whether the information on the Platform is accurate.

Regiconia does not assume the responsibility before the User and the third parties for the consequences of the posted information usage targeted towards trade, credit and other business operations.

Regiconia does not assume the responsibility for any damage, material or otherwise, incurred by the User’s computers and data may get after using the Platform.

Regiconia does not assume the responsibility for the credibility of the advertising information, the quality of the advertised goods, works and services of the User. The User assumes the responsibility for the credibility of the advertised information, the quality of the advertised goods, works and services. The User assumes the status of an advertiser towards the Platform.

Regiconia does not assume the responsibility: for direct or indirect losses and any damage they may occur as a result of the usage or of the lack of use of the Platform; the unauthorized access for the third parties to the communications and computers of the User; any other actions of the third party on the internet towards the Platform User.

Regardless of circumstance, the liability of Regiconia is limited by the acting Legislation of Romania.

Regiconia may, but is not obligated to look through the information posted at the Platform by the User, change it or delete it.

The information presented by the User may be used by Regiconia according to the Terms of the present Agreement.

Regiconia has the right to distribute information or materials to any users of the Platform, as well as the right to use the information about the products provided by the User that may also contain other materials and advertising information.

Regiconia has a right to use the technical means and methods to protect the information, databases, and programs, to get the statistic data about the Platform, to provide safety (prevent breaking, hacker attacks) and the proper work of the Platform ‘s program means.

Regiconia has a right to obtain information about the geographic location of the User, about the computer devices involved and its components including the software, etc. The user confirms his permission to allow Regiconia to obtain and receive this information.

4. User’s rights and obligations
The user has a right to use the Platform in accordance to Terms of the present Agreement.

The User is obligated to present the truthful, comprehensive and certain information concerning the questions offered in the Platform forms (Applications, questionnaires etc.) and to support this information as actual.

The User assumes the responsibility for all the information (data, text, photos, videos, graphics, messages and other materials) posted by him or provided by him to Regiconia for the purpose of posting within the Platform.

The user is obligated not to use the Platform for:

  • posting, sending, transferring or any other way to publish the information and the materials, that are unlawful, damaging, dangerous, immoral, constitute slander, in violation of copyright, promoting the hate and\or the discrimination of people;
  • presenting oneself as another person or the representative of the organization or the community without enough rights and leading to an error concerning any features and characteristics of any subjects or objects;
  • copying, distribution, publication or any other usage of the information and\or the results of the intellectual activity posted within the Platform, without the written permission from Regiconia.
  • posting, sending, transmitting or other publication way on the Platform of the information about products that the User has no right to offer for selling, advertise, or make available according to the Law. In case when the State Legislation, on which the User is located, has restrictions or the prohibition for some products or services offering, the User himself assumes the responsibility for following such Legislation requirements when posting the information and materials about the products on the Platform.
  • unauthorized access to the Platform users’ database, interfering into its program code, the usage of the errors of the Platform software (the User is obligated to immediately notify the Administrator about these details at the following address [office@Regiconia.com]).
  • posting, sending, transmitting or other publication way of the information and materials, that may concern any invention patent, useful model, or the industrial specimen and the trade mark, commercial secret, copyright or other intellectual property rights and\or the involved rights of the third party; deliberate breaking of Romanian legislation or the international Law norms.

In cases where the User is granted with his personal login and password to the protected Platform pages, the User assumes the responsibility for the safety of his password and for any action performed under that User’s password.

The User is obligated not to transfer the rights and obligations from this Agreement, including not sharing the password to the third parties, without written permission from Regiconia.

The User is obligated not to distribute the information, posted on the Platform, or the Platform resources, in general, or by parts, without a written permission from Regiconia. The distribution of the Platform information or programs, in general, or by parts, without a pre-authorized written consent of Regiconia is a violation of Regiconia copyright.

The User agrees that Regiconia does not assume the responsibility and does not have any direct, or indirect obligations towards the User concerning any present, or possible losses or damages, connected with any content of the Platform, copyright registration, any data about such registration, goods or services available, or received through the external web-sites or resources, or any other User’s contacts, that he has performed, using the information posted at the Platform, or any links to the external resources.

5. The change and the stop of the Agreement
Regiconia has a right to unilaterally and at any time change the conditions of the present Agreement. Such changes will go into effect 3 days following the time the new Agreement version is posted on the site. If the User does not agree with the changes he is obligated to abandon the access to the Platform as well as stop using the materials and services of the Platform.

The acting version of the Agreement is located at www.blog.Regiconia.com/en/terms-of-use

The further usage of the Platform by the User after the new Agreement version is posted is considered acceptance of the new terms of the Agreement.

In cases where the User presents the untruthful, uncertain, incomplete information, or refuses to confirm the accuracy of the information, Regiconia has the right to suspend or terminate the User’s access to the Platform.

6. Solutions of the disputes
Disputes concerning the Present Agreement are to be considered according to Romanian Legislation.

In the event a dispute appears between the User and Regiconia, the user must contact Regiconia to settle said dispute, sending the electronic notification via the following address [office@Regiconia.com].

Regiconia will consider all reasonable requirements and will take the necessary measures to solve the dispute through negotiations, or the alternative methods of dispute resolution, including using mediation or the arbitration as the alternative to judicial proceedings.

In cases where there is a dispute between the users (including any Regiconia officials, representatives\agents of Regiconia, affiliated companies of Regiconia and their workers/employees) concerning any matter, Regiconia shall be excluded from any claims to compensation arising from these disputes, damages these disputes may result in, or that may appear because of the dispute.

7. Other conditions
The present Agreement does not create any relationship or representation, agents, franchise, mediation, partnership, joint activity, working relations.

Regiconia has the right according to its sole discretion and without the User’s permission to provide the rights and obligations of the present Agreement to third parties. Should Regiconia grant another party with its rights and obligations, the Present Agreement shall remain in effect, and the rights and obligations herein shall transfer to the legal successor.

The Parties of the present Agreement shall not be held responsible for the full or the particular non-fulfillment of their obligations, if such non-fulfillment is present due to unpreventable force majeure, extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances. Among them may be: mass disorder, State Authorities decisions, disasters, fires, catastrophes, stoppages of the electricity supplies, global stoppages of the internet, Romanian and International internet work stoppages, stoppages of the routing systems, errors in the domain names management caused by the hackers and the DDOS-attacks.

ALL electronic messages as some documents, notifications and wills, that are formed or transferred distantly in the process of performing the present Agreement, and that have the delivering permission of the receiving side are considered to be complete in the proper written form.

While citing the Platform materials, including the protected author inventions, the link to the Platform is obligatory.

8. Contact details
The REGICONIA representatives will thoroughly consider any and all comments by the User concerning the present Agreement. Kindly send your comments or suggestions thought the feedback form on the Resource (http://regiconia.com/contact) or through email (office@regiconia.com).