Internationalization reached producers! The first online platform for internationalization of SMEs producers has been launched

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  • March 23, 2015
Internationalization reached producers! The first online platform for internationalization of SMEs producers has been launched

After more than five months of preparation, and almost two years of research, the first online platform that is addressing internationalization of small and medium enterprises has been launched. The platform is called and aims primarily at supporting producers in the process of internationalization.

According to experts in internationalization, small and medium manufacturers usually face the following main obstacles of internationalization: lack of share capital; restricted information related to interest markets; cultural and language differences; the impossibility to contact potential clients from external markets. Due to these causes, the process is difficult to overcome by the small and medium producers.

We developed by improving the services provided by our competitors. We’ve created an easy to use platform, especially designed to successfully overcome the obstacles that small and medium producers have to face during the internationalization process, using the help of the online marketing tools.

Among the online marketing tools we developed and we want to develop, are: Multilanguage support module, online store (in development), online payment module (in development), price quotation request module, customized SEO module for each company (on the page), promotion module on social networks, module for the clients’ testimonials and various statistics modules.

“By developing these services we wanted to offer SMEs an efficient, innovative and a solution easy to use, in order to integrate them into their marketing strategy. In the future we want to offer a complete solution for the internationalization of SMEs using only online innovative solutions.” confessed Ioan-Iustin Vadana, the project coordinator.

To support the top manufacturers, the team decided that between February 2014 and January 2015, all of the platform’s resources can be used free of charge. During this period, we reserve the right to select the manufacturers taking advantage of this support.

Beginning with 2015, the companies will be able to keep their account on the platform, as non-paying members (with access to the online catalog only for presenting at a national level), or they may become paying members (with access to the online catalog and their own online store for presenting and commercializing their products at a nationally and internationally level).

Among the partners of this project we mention: School of Management Fribourg (Switzerland), Vadana Research & Web Consulting (Switzerland), Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prahova (Romania), Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bacău (Romania), The Association of Romanian Food – APAR (Romania).

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