Innovation in online internationalization

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  • March 23, 2015
Innovation in online internationalization

What is the innovation brought by
According to the specialized literature in internationalization of SMEs the main internationalization barriers faced by SMEs are: lack of capital, limited market information, culture and Language, inability to contact potential customers in the foreign markets. For this reason the process is hard to overcome by the small and medium manufacturers. But thanks to they have the solution especially designed for their needs.

By improving the existing services offered by our competitors we want to develop a user friendly platform specially designed to overcome with success the internationalization barriers faced by SMEs.

We use online marketing tools such as: Multilanguage, online shop, ePayment/Ask for a quotation, company matchmaking, SEO Customization (on-page), Social Media, Testimonials & ranking, metrics information, to build an innovative platform for internationalization of SMEs. “As good as Amazon, but for internationalization of SMEs

Some of existing platforms (,,, provide services which are not designed to overcome the barriers of internationalization of SMEs manufacturers; and the other part (, amazon) are too expensive or really hard to use by sellers with low IT skills.

We analyzed our competition offer and we want to improve their services in order to offer for companies a more efficient, easy to use and cost-effective experience for internationalization.