Festival of Iranian scents and flavors

  • by Razvan Prejbeanu
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  • February 5, 2017
Festival of Iranian scents and flavors

Well-being and energy: these terms can describe the trend of wellness. Wellness can be found in natural spices and dried fruits. You will find a complete range of those from brand Délice on 2 markets in Geneva city as well as on the online store of Regiconia.com.

Bahram Abedinpour imports spices and dried fruits from Iran. His market takes place 3 times a week in town.

The layout of its stall is a delight for the senses: the view, with a festival of colors and for the sense of smell, with sophisticated and sweet scents. His stand is always full; the excitement is tangible because its products are of very high quality.

Indeed, in Iran, his nephew deals directly with the producers handpicking from gardens. Then the product is sent under vacuum, without fertilizer, neither weedkillers, nor intermediaries: a security of quality and freshness.[1] These values of good taste are worth to him the merits of not only regular customers but also of local cooks, because to add the oriental exoticism to dishes brings a much sought flavor.[2] On that subject, the broadcast of the RTS TV channel “Pique Assiette” puts forward in numerous recipes the saffron of our stallholder. In this broadcast, chefs praised the quality of the spice which we can obtain from Bahram Abedinpour.

Besides these dried fruits and spices, the customers hurry up to buy at these Iranian stallholder spit-roasted chickens with potatoes in mixed herbs and Iranian spices: a real delight.

The saffron brings us back at the time of Marco Polo and of his discoveries to bring in Europe this spice more expensive than gold! Iran is the main exporter of this product and its birthplace. Among the medicinal properties of this spice we find its euphoric characteristic. Indeed, it is a natural antidepressant. Furthermore, the saffron is very good for the complexion.

Several of these products reveal the scents and the flavors from all over the world. As the mixture Asian biscuits, goji berry from Himalaya, chickpea roasted salted and naturally dates.

Among the assortment, some best-sellers: the ginger, the goji berry, others berries such as the cranberries, the pistachios and the walnuts.

Dried fruits are synonymous with greed, but greed does not necessarily mean junk food. Dried fruits have a number of advantages. Their dehydration allows a better preserving. Compared with fresh fruits, they contain up to 5 times more minerals and have many more dietary fibers.

Let us stop one moment on these famous goji berries. Organic please! They are berries full of vitamins. They were declared national treasure in China, contributing it seems to the records of its swimming team. Furthermore, they strengthen the immune systems. Finally, they could according to certain researchers, delay the cellular ageing.[3]

The majority of these products are very good for the health and have a number of properties as the dry muscat grape which would be good for the memory, at least it is what we say in Iran, explain us our stallholder.

Finally, let us detail a product which is popular by its role of aphrodisiac, but which is also recognized for other properties: the stem ginger. Bahram Abedinpour insists on the fact its ginger is made stem ginger “with some cane sugar, better for health than the white sugar”. And especially on its originality:  “a ginger of special variety which has the taste of lemongrass, native of China, of which Délice is the unique importer” so, the ginger possesses toning and stimulating properties. Besides, it facilitates the digestion. Furthermore, it is an effective painkiller against the troubles due to the inflammatory rheumatisms.

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